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Greywater heat recovery. Water recuperators



Water recuperators are solutions that enable decreasing hot water consumption by recovering heating energy. The used hot water is drained to the sewage system together with its precious heat.


Consider applying this solution as the recovery is pretty impressive!



Benefits of ZYPHO

  1. Reimbursement of the purchase cost after just a few uses
  2. Hot water bills up to 80% lower!
  3. 65% more hot water for all
  4. Possibility of taking even very long baths without increasing hot water bills
  5. Instantaneous reheating of hot water 
  6. Ideal for busy public places
  7. Protects the environment 
  8. Legionella certificate







How do ZYPHO water recuperators work?


First of atll, they are effective!  However, let’s start with a standard water supply and sewerage system of a typical shower you probably have at home: 


  • To achieve the optimum bath temperature, the tap mixes cold and hot water.
  • The problem is that due to the relatively low temperature of cold water (about 10°C), the amount of hot water (about 55°C) needed to achieve the optimal temperature is disproportionately higher.
  • What does it actually mean? That we consume much more hot water and we irretrievably lose its heat. This is what reality in most households look like today. It’s worth implementing changes!




It’s all about recovering the temperature from the used hot water! 

  • Obviously you don’t reuse the same water. In simple words, depending on the selected models, recuperators are used to recover water heat and give it to running cold water which results in the decreased need for hot water consumption needed to achieve the optimal water temperature.
  • In other words ‑ instead of utilizing hot water (that you pay for), you simply put its heat into circulation and use it for longer. How? 


Up to 77% lower heating costs in case of:

  1. Gas heating
  2. Oil heating
  3. Electric heating
  4. Heat pumps
  5. Compatible and fully complementary solar systems



This is what it looks like in real life:        

Once and for all, you can get rid of the unpleasant feeling that there isn’t enough hot water! 
Keep in mindthat ZYPHO means instantaneous reheating of the missing hot water



This is the point where you probably start looking for something suspicious. After all, if something works, it should be powered. If it’s powered, it generates additional costs. However, you couldn’t be more wrong! The greatest merits of water recuperators is that they don’t require power supply or motor and control installation.

Running water is the only crucial element needed to ensure proper operation of the system. Uncomplicated construction guarantees constant work and, more importantly, stable and profitable effects.

Obviously, these aren’t the only advantages. Apart from the fact that the investment starts to pay off really quickly (depending on the chosen model and assuming regular use of hot water by a four person family it may begin bringing profits even after 1.5 years!) and guarantees real financial savings (bills lower by up to 67%, all of these only with the use of batteries)!

horizontal water recuperator


ZYPHO P 65     


  • Ensures the highest return, up to 67% when connected only to the battery
  • Enables taking very long showers (even 3 X) 
  • Offers high water flow with even 2 drains at a time 

  • Recovers up to 80% of heat when connected to the battery and hot water tank 

  • Can be installed up to 5 meters from the drain 

  • Enables significant savings in public places 

  • Legionella certificate 




ZYPHO V 30 and V 40

  • Enables savings up to 30 and 40% 
  • Gives the possibility to take long showers 
  • It’s possible to choose between quick and slow flow models 
  • Enables significant savings in public places 
  • Legionella certificate







Zypho P65 ‑ technical parameterspowerful greywater heat recovery device


  • temperature range ‑ from 0 to 60°C
  • maximum fresh water pressure for the exchanger ‑ 6 bar
  • maximum water pressure for the Geberit elements ‑ 16 bar
  • maximum flow of used water ‑ 25l/min
  • heat exchanger ‑ stainless steel 316L
  • height of the exchanger ‑ 160cm
  • height required for installation ‑ 190‑195cm
  • possible pressure drop ‑ depending on your GPM ‑ from 0.1 to 0.3 bar
  • possibility of powering the battery or heat pump with the use of a water pump, also in single‑storey houses
  • patented German water heat exchanger


Zypho IZI 30/40 ‑ technical parameters


  1. temperature range ‑ from 0 to 60°C
  2. maximum fresh water pressure for the exchanger ‑ 6 bar
  3. maximum water pressure for the Geberit elements ‑ 16 bar
  4. maximum flow rate of used water ‑ 12.5l/min / 25l/min
  5. heat exchanger ‑ copper
  6. housing ‑ ABS
  7. height required for installation ‑ 9cm
  8. length of the exchanger without the trap ‑ 55cm
  9. possible pressure drop ‑ depending on your GPM ‑ from 0.1 to 0.3 bar
  10. possibility of powering the battery or heat pump in the attic and on the first floor






ZYPHO devices are also a significant help for the endangered environment. Lower hot water consumption means less fuel needed to heat it. It’s enough to look out of the window to observe the impact and burden of all non green activities. Therefore, it’s worth becoming aware that our habits don’t always equal taking care of the surrounding and changing them!

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Water recuperators are perfect for all places that continuously use hot water. Depending on the selected place ‑ family household or public facilities like gyms and swimming pools ‑ it’s necessary to select an appropriate model that will meet individual expectations of users.






Installation configuration of ZYPHO recuperators




ZYPHO units with trench and regular drains are designed in a way ensuring that even intensive use of the device won’t equal frequent servicing and maintenance. Properly installed systems will serve you for many years.

Special drains for water recuperators are supplied by Geberit.


Features of the accessories:

  1. special patented hair filters ensure easy and quick removal of dirt
  2. durable ABS materials (not plastic)
  3. high resistance to high water pressure ‑ up to 16 bar
  4. comprehensive sets


Original 70cm/80cm/90cm long trench drains with an earthing system. Sample photos with a recuperator. 



Geberit trench drain with water recuperator


Central Zypho drains with an earthing system

Geberit drain + water recuperator

Zypho shower drains 


recuperator with shower tray


Zypho bathtub overflow drain


bathrub water recuperator



ZYPHO recuperators' certificates 

certificates of ZYPHO water recuperators



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