Central Vacuums

Aspilusa products are a combination of high quality, reliability and... style and class. In our offer you can find true XXI century central vacuuming units - comfortable and easy touse, while ideally complementing modern internal design.

Advanced technology, wide functionality and reliability of our devices make them useful in any place - homes, apartments, offices and also hotels and swimming pools.




Maintenace-free Vacuums

Maintenance-free models were designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. The central vacuum is connected to the sewers and empties itself automatically after the container fills up. These units are very practical, since they do not require any attention from the user. System of hydro-separation of the dirt allows you to forget about ever opening the container, you can just forget about it.

Water vacuums feature constantly high suction power, that guarantees you an always clean and empty container. Small dimensions of the unit makes it easy to find the right spot for the vacuum. Durable, solid, and more importantly, reliable system will effortlessly take care of cleannness of most used places in your home. Worth noticing is the fact, that water vacuum doesn't need as often maintenance of the filter system as a standard vacuuming system without sewer connection. To connect the vacuum, all you need is standard elements: hydraulic point of water intake, sewer drain point, electrical socket and place for dispensing used up air. Water vacuums the best choice for people with allergies.




Cyclonic Vacuums

High-class cyclonic vacuums were designed for modern houses and apartments. This line of products will also fit in companies andcorporations, e.g: conference rooms. Precisely picked components feature unique durability and solidness. These central vacuums are very popular thanks to their high quality. Reliable quality and perfect suction performance makes Aspilusa units above the rest.

Combination of modern technological solutions with wide functionality transfers not only to the quality of the product, but also to it's lifespan. Introducing the right safety measures allows for very intense use of central vacuums. Easy installation and low noise levels increase comfort of using the vacuum. It's worth noting that our products also feature very easy filter cleaning, and some of our models can be used by people with allergies (filter+bag option).


Aqua Matic - simple way to cleanness


Comfort of use

Aspilusa's Aqua Matic central vacuum series are equiped with high-end dirt dispensing system. The vacuum is connected to the sewers and empties itself automatically after the container fills up, without interaction from the user.

Water dirt separation system allows you to never have to open the container, which saves your time and relieves you from unpleasant duties. Water vacuum doesn't need as often maintenance of the filter system as standard systems. 

To connect the vacuum, all you need is standard elements: hydraulic point of water intake, sewer drain point, electrical socket and place for dispensing used up air. It also means that you can install Aspilusa vacuums in any building, without need for dismantling previously existing systems.


Ease of servicing

Our experts will help you strategically approach the installation process - we advise against installment of large amount of vacuum inlets in a random manner. Vacuum hose is sufficiently long and flexible to allow cleaning even the most problematic spaces, which helps to improve daily cleaning in any home.


Power of the engine

Aspilusa central vacuums deal with dirt lighting fast. All thanks to advanced technology engines.

Thanks to application of water separation we can guarantee lack of any power decrease during all unit working time. Using traditional filer systems in a form of filter or bag, which, as time passes, loose pressure and therefore diminish comfort of use.


Solution for people with allergies

Modern, practical and maintenance-free unit, minimizes contact with irritating dirt. Thanks to Aqua Matic, cleaning won't be associated with a sad duty anymore, but will become sheer pleasure.

Most important features of our central vacuums

Highest quality filtration technique

  • -reliable, innovative full cyclone system
  • -Special polyester filter with protective metal mesh for IZZY models
  • -functional entry filter that maximally simplifies keeping the hep hygiene, fit for washing IZZY models.
  • -full cyclone, maintenance-free water filter system for Aqua Matic series

The engine

SilnikOur central vacuums are equiped only with the most efficient, durable Domel engines. These engines come as two- or three-stage with an independent, aluminium fan cooling of commutator in a safety case. Wholly steel engine, considering it's power, is mounted in the floor of the area designed for the engine.

Thermal security

Durable thermal fuse allows to start the unit only after the sufficient cooling of the safety thermal sensor.


Properly plugged and secured. Installed additional cooling holes on the back of the safety case.

    Central vacuums are also very durable against moisture.
    They can hang outside the building until the temperature drops as low as -5 Celsius.

    Central vacuum systems are a very handy tool that makes cleaning duties easier, both at home and in the workplace. It allows to give up on cumbersome traditional solutions, that aren't very mobile. It means the end of tiresome carrying of the unit all over the place.

    Our special hose, used in these systems, is lightweight and handy, which can be easily used and carried even in the most difficult places. Higher-end models mean even higher comfort! They eliminate completely need to carry the hose. The mechanism is mounted in a separate part of the house, so it won't be as visible, but still provide sufficient suction efficiency andpower.

    Aspilusa brand is known from their perfectionism, even the tiniest detail is important and esential for proper functioning of the whole central vacuuming system. Each installation process is evaluated and planned beforehand, which ensures full use of the potential of the system. Each order requires an individual approach, that's why Aspilusa will fit the system to the room plan and needs of the building. Pipe system is layed inside the walls and under the floor, from the garage up to the attic. In each part of the building an inlet is installed, that already contains the hose, or allows for it's connecting to the system.




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