Air recuperation


Every building should have an efficient ventilation system.. Common gravitational solutions aren’t the most effective ‑ now, mechanical systems are the key to a high quality standard.

Unfortunately, effective building ventilation has one important drawback, the more air you use, the more heat you lose. Even in a well‑insulated house or facility, loss of energy heat caused by ventilation can exceed half of the overall balance! That’s why it’s advisable to invest in recuperators.

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rotary ceiling recuperator

 Recuperation is a mechanical air exchange combined with heat recovery 

Recuperation means simply recovering heat from the air discharged from the room by the ventilation system. High effectiveness of air recuperators allows to generate notable heating savings. It’s a must have in every modern house, office and public facility. Without it, it’s much harder to create energy efficient or passive buildings.

On our offer you can find top notch air recuperators manufactured by ENSY, a Norwegian brand. More than 100 years of experience in working with heating and ventilation systems (they have been producing recuperators since 1902) allows the engineers of this company to create modern, ecological and economical recuperators which suit a wide range of customers.


air recuperation with Ensy productsEffective house recuperation means:


  1. Savings throughout the whole year,
  2. Healthy family members thanks to a quick and constant removal of dusty air and bacteria, 
  3. Being more relaxed thanks to fresh air in every room,
  4. Control of air humidity,
  5. Continuous, rotary elimination of dust, odors and microorganisms,

  6. Rotary technology to prevent the device from freezing, drying or condensing the air.





rotary recuperation from Norway


ENSY recuperators work with at least 80% efficiency. The devices are capable of achieving these parameters even without the use of a heater at temperatures reaching minus 20 degrees and more..  They are eagerly installed in apartments, houses, hotels, offices, kindergartens and catering facilities.

These devices meet the demanding requirements of the Scandinavian market, and thanks to their innovative approach and adaptation to the needs of many users ‑ they are one of the most frequently purchased recuperators in the world. It’s possible to encounter devices produced by this company also outside Scandinavia, under brands such as Pyrox, Systemair or Villavent. A series of air recuperators from Norway with capacities from 200 to 700 m3/h.



Rotary ENSY recuperators ‑ how do they work? 

rotary air recuperation benefits



What’s the secret of such high quality of ENSY recuperators?

The devices comprise components supplied by world leaders in given industries. Each part is manufactured in Europe. The energy‑efficient and silent fans are delivered by EBM Germany. On the other hand, Heatex Sweden is responsible for providing efficient heat exchangers. Many of the components are manufactured on the company's own production lines, thanks to which ENSY has the opportunity to thoroughly control the whole process. 





recuperation with a hood




The control system tailors the operation of the device to the humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the building.

During hot weather, when the temperature outside is really boiling, this exchanger allows you to recover the cold that is in the house. This is another incredible way to save, possible thanks to the use of these devices.

The temperature recovery function works equally efficiently both in summer and winter.

For extra comfort, recuperators are equipped with air heaters that are particularly useful when the temperature outside gets low. 

The work of the recuperator can be managed with the use of a convenient wall control panel or a WIFI application.



ENSY offers its own line of hoods that are compatible with air recuperators which guarantees effective air exchange also in the kitchen. 

ENSY products use the finest and newest ventilation technologies.

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Recuperators equal comfort and safety


Comfort of use


  1. After connecting the WiFi module, you can control the operation of the device without leaving your armchair. It’s also possible to monitor it when you’re not in the house.
  2. ENSY products can boast great soundproofing qualities. You don't have to be afraid that the noise of the fans will disturb your peace of mind or everyday activities.
  3. The rotary technology ensures an appropriate level of humidity. You won't need any additional air humidifiers anymore. 
  4. Additional wall control panel enables quick adjustment of recuperator settings.




  1. Mechanical ventilation is an important safety asset. Excess carbon dioxide or other pollutants can deteriorate to the well‑being of the household members.
  2. ENSY recuperators are equipped with the most accurate F7 air filters with average filtration efficiency (measured for 0.4 μm particles). This element is particularly crucial if you think about the level of air pollution in the environment.
  3. Kitchen hood. There is a possibility to connect the recuperator to a dedicated kitchen hood for even more effective and efficient operation.

  4. The mobile phone app regularly sends the most important notifications.
  5. Gas sensor activates the recuperator in the maximum mode of air exchange.


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