Aqua Matic 550

product code: AM550

Aqua matic 550 is a double-engine maintenance-free unit equiped with two reliable Domel 1750W turbines.

  • surfaces100 - 1000 m²
  • power3 500 W
  • warranty5 years
Aqua Matic 550 #1

Technical parameters

  • Engine type
    tangential By-Pass
  • Engine brand
  • Power
  • Suction power (Air Watt)
  • Noise levels dB
  • Diameter (cm)
    30 + 30
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Container capacity (L)
  • Filtration type
    full cyclone, automatic water separation without filter
  • Ampers
  • Case
    made out of water-resistant materials
  • Max suggested inlet number
  • Max length of the system

Product overview

Aqua Matic 550

All the best. Not only that, impressive power, it is also the perfect quality of work. There is no way to find a more modern and efficient central vacuum cleaner that will not only work in large homes, hotels or industrial facilities, but also anyone who appreciates the time saved by the virtually maintenance-free Aqua Matic 550.

Unmatched - that's the result of the use of two reliable water turbines, the Domel 1800 (1750), which allows vacuuming even up to 200 meters away from the furthest suction point, excellent hose retention performance in hide a hose and huge power that translates into unrivaled performance of the central unit. Direct connection to the sewer pipe not only protects the wet vacuum, but also guarantees automatic flushing of contaminants after filling the 30 liter tank.

In brief: strength and comfort. Aqua Matic 550 combines all the best features, the most advanced central vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, it is a vacuum cleaner with suction power for comfortable vacuuming of very large surfaces and, on the other hand, thanks to the technology of water purification, it works virtually unnoticed; No need to open the unit to empty the dirt.

Additional information

At the planned location of the AQUA MATIC central unit you should:

  • Hydraulic water intake (to spray the dirt by the central vacuum cleaner)
  • drainage point for sewage from central vacuum cleaner (min 50mm)
  • final suction point from the central vacuum system ie suction sockets, automatic drawers, VROOM, WALLY FLEX) connected to central vacuum cleaner
  • Remove exhaust air from the central vacuum cleaner outside the building.
  • electrical socket 230 V