Aqua Matic 400

product code: AM400

Aqua matic 400 is a maintenance-free unit equiped with the most efficient, reliable, three-step Domel 1900W turbine.

  • surfaces250 - 1000 m²
  • power1 900 W
  • warranty5 warranty
Aqua Matic 400 #1

Technical parameters

  • Engine type
    tangential By-Pass
  • Engine brand
  • Power
  • Suction power (Air Watt)
  • Container capacity (L)
  • Max length of the system
  • Max suggested inlet number
  • Filtration type
    full cyclone, automatic water separation without filter
  • Case
    made out of water-resistant materials
  • Noise levels dB
  • Ampers
  • Diameter (cm)
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)

Product overview

Maximum suction power of a single-engine water unit. High purity and ease of use among all central vacuum cleaners available on the market. Aqua Matic 400 is a maintenance-free unit that not only allows you to vacuum wet but also empties the dirt tank. And for that, it is a model practically failure-free and with a very long life.

Used in the Aqua Matic 400, the Domel 1900 W 3-stage turbine allows you to vacuum even up to 65 meters from the suction point. Automatic emptying is carried out on the principle of rinsing to the sewer after filling the 30 liter dirt tank. This process does not require you to do any work.

In short: more time for pleasure. Aqua Matic 400 is a great, maintenance-free unit designed for truly demanding people who appreciate not only the efficiency and comfort of vacuuming achieved in this model thanks to the excellent turbine, but also the convenience of the state-of-the-art filter cleaning system.

Additional information

At the planned location of the AQUA MATIC central unit you should have:

  • Hydraulic water intake (to spray the dirt by the central vacuum cleaner)
  • drainage point for sewage from central vacuum cleaner (min 50mm)
  • final suction point from the central vacuum system ie suction sockets, automatic drawers, VROOM, WALLY FLEX) connected to central vacuum cleaner
  • Remove exhaust air from the central vacuum cleaner outside the building.
  • electrical socket 230 V