Ensy AHU 400 recuperator

product code: REKAHU200BH.
  • comfort of breathing – highest air exchange efficiency
  • energy‑efficient – considerable temperature recovery in summer and winter
  • efficient and quiet – lowest possible noise level
  • optimal humidity – ait humidity sensor (standard)
  • three times larger than regular, effective F7 filters (standard)
  • Price3390 EURO
  • Max. performance470 m3/h
  • Filter type2 x F7
Ensy AHU 400 recuperator #1

Product overview

Ensy AHU 400 wall recuperator

Reliable brand product –rotary recuperator Ensy AHU 400 with heat recovery, suitable for wall mounting (left and right version), distinguished by efficiency of even 470m3/h. Ideal for medium‑sized houses.


Along with the exchanger, the standard equipment includes:

  • hydrostat (humidity sensor) that controls the optimal air humidity inside the building
  • additional heater, which can be used in case of very low temperatures outside (below ‑15oC)
  • three times larger than regular, effective F7 filters – possibility to replace with even more convenient F9 filters with active carbon to absorb odours.


Ensy AHU 400 – Scandinavian quality and an experienced brand:

  • reliability and high efficiency – components only from recognised European manufacturers
  • real savings – lowest possible energy usage
  • optimal air humidity level – ensured by the Swedish air exchanger
  • comfort of cool air in the summer and the innovative Cool Recovery function
  • unique technology and care for the natural environment – almost 120 years of experience in ventilation devices manufacture

Ensy AHU 400 wall recuperator


Good quality and efficient ceiling recuperator unit Ensy AHU‑400 with properly designed and executed installation means not only cleaner, germ‑free air throughout the year, but also financial savings as well as optimal air humidity, which is crucial during the heating period.


In everyday living conditions, the most unhealthy air accumulates in two rooms: the kitchen in which we cook and the bathroom in which we take a shower or do the laundry. It happens due to the floating vapours not being removed efficiently enough (especially in winter!). This is when we feel discomfort while breathing. ENSY recuperators constantly use the hydrostat (humidity sensor) to monitor the level of humidity inside the building and automatically choose the optimal setting for our comfort. Additionally, the optional quick ventilation switch allows for eliminating unpleasant odours from the flat.


Every unit of the Norwegian manufacturer is distinguished by 90% efficiency, which means they recover 90% of heat from the air exhausted outside.


What is interesting, a heater is not necessary for them to work in temperatures to ‑15oC (no risk of freezing), it is only switched on in case of extreme cold, which ensures low energy costs. The whole system is intelligent and fully functional, meaning that with proper settings chosen it practically works with no operation required and no need for us to be involved. Optionally, it can be equipped with e.g. carbon dioxide concentration sensor. If there are more people in a room, its emission increases and the flow of fresh air automatically does as well. The unit is also capable of instantly eliminating unpleasant odours from the house.


Ensy AHU 400 rotary recuperator


By choosing rotary recuperator ENSY AHU 400, you receive:

  1. Very high efficiency of air exchange and temperature recovery
  2. Low operating costs – exceptional energy savings even at very low temperatures
  3. Lowest possible noise level – in can be installed in the usable area e.g. in the kitchen or a bedroom (so quiet it does not disturb your sleep!)
  4. Even better air circulation thanks to the possibility of connecting a designated ENSY kitchen extractor hood
  5. Hydrostat – air humidity sensor
  6. Comfortable, effortless breathing thanks to recovery and optimal air humidity, without condensation
  7. Easy installation and maintenance, no condensation drain or water pumps required
  8. Possibility to replace standard F7 filters with even more convenient F9 filters with active carbon to absorb odours from the outside
  9. The unit is adapted to the new and valid EU guidelines concerning inspection and service


Additionally, ENSY recuperators meet all the requirements for units in the passive house standard and the „Clean Air Program”.


efficiency of Ensy Norway recuperator

Choose the additional equipment:

  • WiFi module – ensures controlling the recuperator through an application on a mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • ENSY extractor hood – possibility to connect the recuperator to a designated extractor hood for even more efficient performance
  • F9 filter with active carbon – apart from all the features of the standard ENSY F7 filter it also absorbs unpleasant odours
  • control panel – convenient control center, regulating the recuperator manually and automatically (possibility to be placed on a wall)
  • CO2 sensor – regulates the operation of the recuperator in case of detecting an increased number of people in a given room
  • motion sensor – activates the recuperator once presence in the household is detected
  • gas sensor – activates the recuperator in the maximum air exchange mode, exhausting the gas outside
  • smoke detector – cuts off the energy supply to the recuperator and prevents air exchange.

Ścienny obrotowy rekuperator Ensy



wymiary rekuperatora obrotowego 400