Ensy AHU 400 ceiling recuperator

product code: REKAHU400
  • improved comfort of breathing – highest air circulation efficiency
  • energy‑efficient – noticeable, large temperature recovery throughout the whole year

  • quiet opearation – lowest possible noise level at high efficiency

  • optimal humidity – air humidity sensor provided

  • 3x larger than regular, effective F7 filters (standard)

  • Price inc. VAT 83390 EURO
  • Max. performance430 m3/h
  • Filter type2 x F7
Ensy AHU 400 ceiling recuperator #1

Product overview

ceiling Ensy AHU 400 recuperator

Ceiling Recuperator Ensy AHU 400

Ceiling Recuperator Ensy AHU 400 with heat recovery. Can be mounted on the ceiling or simply placed (e.g. on the floor). Distinguished by extremely high efficiency – even 430m3/h. Ideal for medium and large houses.


With the exchanger, the standard equipment includes:


AHU 400 ceiling recuperator



Ceiling rotary recuperators in our offer are based on the newest technologies, which guarantee:

  1. High efficiency temperature recovery and air exchange
  2. High energy efficiency even at extremely low temperatures
  3. Low noise level, very quiet operation, from 9 dB
  4. Possibility to connect Ensy extractor hood
  5. Comfortable, appropriately moist air in winter and summer – air humidity sensor included
  6. The recuperator follows the EU guidelines concerning inspection and service
  7. Easy installation, no condensation drain or water pumps required
  8. Possibility to replace F7 filters for F7 filters with active carbon


ceiling recuperator filters

Recuperator Ensy AHU‑400 is suitable for being ceiling mounted, or alternatively, being place of the floor. Ventilation units with temperature recovery from the AHU series have the purpose of meeting the valid requirements and regulations. Additionally, they meet all the requirements concerning the units in the passive house standard and the clean air program.


400 rotary ceiling recuperator

The Ensy AHU‑400 recuperation unit can be easily and promptly controlled with the use of a mobile application. Moreover, reliable and attractive design make it possible for it to be placed in a visible place and it will not affect the décor of a room negatively. What is more, it is very quiet and you will not hear it during the day – it is quieter than a refrigerator.


The ENSY brand means:

  • our own laboratories cooperating with university in Cluj
  • components only from the best European manufacturers
  • production and experience since 1903
  • recuperators manufactured in Europe

AHU 400 ceiling recuperator



400 ceiling recuperator charts