LaundryJet Industrie

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Automated laundry chute Laundry Jet Industrie 

  • The device can be built‑in 
  • Automated port closing system  
  • Clothes transfer scanner 
  • Automated self‑emptying 
  • Hotels, guest houses, villas
  • Price inc. VAT 236976 EURO
  • Colorblack or white
  • Number of sockets8
LaundryJet Industrie #1

Product overview

Automated laundry chute Laundry Jet – JET INDUSTRIE 


Durable, for long segments, with the possibility of segment extension. Large houses and hotels 


JET INDUSTRIE is a model not limited by the length of the pipeline. Incredibly helpful in the work of a hotel or a guest house. This hotel chute has every automated possibilities of Laundry Jet with additional option of transferring washed clothing items further to the places where they are ironed and sorted, paid extra for the return device. 

Laundry Jet entirely changes the standards of laundry chute systems. As opposed to conventional chutes it is not only limited to the movement down. It makes the Laundry Jet a system that transfers items from any place in the building to the designated laundry room. Laundry can be transferred up and down, horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this functionality the Laundry Jet system works great not only in multi‑storey, but also in single‑storey buildings.

Laundry Jet is the technology that ideally conforms to the characteristics and requirements of a Smart House. Owing to it, you can send items to the laundry room from any room in the house with one single touch.


Advantages of the system:

  • Instant and automated transfer of laundry around the whole house, no need for collecting the dirty items manually and dragging it to the laundry room – in this way, you can save a lot of time and energy on tedious gathering and carrying the laundry.
  • Chute ports can be placed in any room, which eliminates things laying around your house or laundry baskets. Laundry Jet will help you maintain cleanliness in your household.
  • Highly reliable device with great suction power being able to transfer bed linen, blankets, jeans, damp towels and other heavier and larger items through the installation.
  • The system is simple enough for children and the elderly to use. Laundry Jet is perfect for the whole family.
  • The Laundry Jet suction unit can be placed in any room, regardless of the building interior layout or the rooms where items are inserted into the chute. Thanks to such flexibility, the system fits into any type of building, no matter its layout – the device functions unexceptionably even in single‑storey buildings.
  • Performance of the system is fully automated – the laundry is immediately sucked after being put into the chute and then transported to the self‑emptying container. All you need to do is insert the laundry into the washing machine and set up the washing program. The sensors located in the installation switch the Laundry Jet system off once the laundry reaches the container.
  • The whole system is a virtually invisible, easy and swift laundry chute
  • The automated laundry chute was made in the USA


The system is an ideal solution for everyone who:

  1. Wish for the highest possible level of comfort in their own space
  2. Value their own time and do not want to waste it on tedious chores that can be avoided with the use of the newest technology
  3. Wish to be assisted by modern systems in everyday chores
  4. Expect the devices they use to be convenient and practically not requiring operation
  5. Appreciate the benefits of the concept of Smart House, the main goal of which is to replace as many human activities as possible with technology – and Laundry Jet smoothly follows it.


Laundry Jet Industrie characteristics:

  • Perfect for large single‑family houses, guest houses and hotels – will fit into any laundry room or utility room
  • Laundry Jet Industrie can manage up to eight chute ports, with the total pipeline length of 70 metres from the laundry room
  • This model is sturdy enough to transfer various heavy items such as: jeans, bed sheets, bed linen and even damp towels and blankets
  • The installation is equipped with item transfer scanner, the device will automatically switch off when items are not being transferred
  • Laundry Jet Industrie has a stylish design that adds flair to any laundry room
  • Equipped with a porthole
  • Highest container capacity out of all Laundry Jet models, which facilitates transferring multiple items at a time. Apart from that, the container has a porthole that showcases the inside and the fill level
  • Automated emptying of the laundry container once it fills up 
  • Jet Industrie has automatic port closing system
  • Additionally, the Industrie model can be built‑in in order to match the style and design of the laundry room
  • Two color options: black or white



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