Laundry Jet PRO + 3 ports

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Automated laundry chute Laundry Jet PRO

  • Device color can be chosen
  • Ideal for medium and large houses 
  • Automated port closing system  
  • Clothing items transfer scanner 
  • Automated self‑emptying 


  • Price inc. VAT 2310 232 EURO
  • Colorblack or white
  • Number of sockets6
Laundry Jet PRO + 3 ports #1

Product overview



Automatic laundry chute Laundry Jet PRO 


Laundry JET is the technology that improves the practicality of your house. Starting now, you’ll save even 90% of time and energy spent on carrying dirty laundry and bed linen to the utility room.


Laundry Jet has completely transformed the standards of laundry chute systems. In comparison to conventional chutes it is not limited to only one direction – down. Because of that, Laundry Jet system can transfer clothing items from any place in the house to the designated utility room. The laundry can be transferred both up and down. This functionality of Laundry Jet works perfectly in both multi and single storey buildings as the clothing items are moved upwards in order to be transferred to their proper place and straight down into the laundry basket.


Automated laundry chute Smart House technology. Guaranteed reliability and instant transfer of dirty laundry and bed linen from any room in the house straight to the laundry room. Laundry Jet is a popular system from the USA.





Fully automated 

  1. the laundry is instantly sucked by the port and transferred to the self‑emptying container 
  2. automated port closing ensures continuous operation of the system, even if your child forgets to close the port




This fully automated laundry chute is an ideal solution for everyone who:


  1. Expect less, rather than more cleaning up 
  2. Want more free time for themselves 
  3. Do not want to waste any more time for tedious chores that can be avoided using this technology
  4. Expect to be assisted in everyday chores by modern systems
  5. Look for equipment that does not require being operated 
  6. Recognise the benefits of having a Smart House, the main goal of which is to help us out with the tedious activities – and that is why Laundry Jet was created 


automated laundry chute


Your Smart and Energy‑Efficient House with Laundry Jet 


Laundry chute Pro version characteristics:


  1. Ideal for medium and large single‑family houses – will fit into any laundry or utility room
  2. Laundry Jet Pro can operate up to 6 chute ports, with the total pipeline length of up to 70 metres
  3. PRO facilitates the transfer of multiple items in one cycle, e.g. jeans, bed sheets and even damp towels and blankets 
  4. So strong, that there is no need to wait until the item reaches the container, you can insert one item right after another 
  5. Equipped with automated switch off system, the device will switch itself off once the items are not transferred anymore
  6. Automated port closing in case you forget to close it yourself. Equipped with a transparent porthole 
  7. Large laundry container capacity allows for transferring multiple items at once. Additionally, the container has a porthole, which allows for viewing the inside and the fill level
  8. Automated, self‑emptying container once it is full
  9. Laundry Jet Pro has a stylish design that adds flair to every laundry room



Laundry Jet PRO opens the possibility to order a version prepared for built‑in furniture. 

laundry chute installed in a wardrobe

Advantages of the system:


  • Instant and automated transfer of the laundry around the house, no more manually picking up clothing items and dragging them to the utility room. This saves a lot of time and energy on tedious collecting and carrying the laundry.
  • Chute ports can be placed in every room, which completely eliminates things laying around your house or laundry baskets. LaundryJest will significantly help you keep your household clean.
  • It allows for quick transfer of bed linen, sweaters, jeans, damp towels and other heavier of larger things. 
  • Easy and intuitive, ideal for children and the elderly. LaundryJet is the perfect system for the whole family.
  • The Laundry Jet suction unit can be placed in any room, regardless of the building interior layout or the rooms where items are inserted into the chute. Thanks to such flexibility, the system fits into any type of building, no matter its layout – the device functions unexceptionably even in single‑storey buildings.
  • Performance of the system is fully automated – the laundry is immediately sucked after being put into the chute and then transported to the self‑emptying container. All you need to do is insert the laundry into the washing machine and set up the washing program. The sensors located in the installation switch the Laundry Jet system off once the laundry reaches the container.
  • The whole system is a virtually invisible, easy and swift laundry chute
  • The automated laundry chute was made in the USA



The price of the device plus installation includes: LaundryJet Pro vacuum + 3 Eco chute ports + 3 original elbow pipe fitting + pipes and moulding pipes produced by Rehau/Magna Plast or Wawin + installation, no drilling through monolithic floor slabs.

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