IZZY 400

product code: Izzy400

Central vacuum designed for large houses, and for everyone who looks for very high suction power.

  • surfaces250 - 1000 m²
  • power1 900 W
  • warranty5 years
IZZY 400 #1

Technical parameters

  • Engine type
    tangential By-Pass
  • Engine brand
  • Power
  • Suction power (Air Watt)
  • Efficiency (m3/h)
  • Negative pressure kPA
  • Voltage (V)
  • Turbines
  • Case
    made out of water-resistant materials
  • Noise levels dB
  • Ampers
  • Diameter (cm)
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Container capacity (L)
  • Max length of the system
  • Max suggested inlet number
  • Filtration type
    cyclone, polyester filter, washable nanosilver coating

Product overview

IZZY 400 unparalleled leader in its class


Highest suction power of a single-engine unit for dry vacuum cleaning. IZZY 400 is a very efficient vacuum cleaner; Ideal for larger homes and more demanding customers. It has as much as 614 air suction power (measured directly on the installation) for comfortable and efficient vacuuming.

The IZZY 400 is, on the one hand, a dependable, 3-stage Domel engine with a power of 1900 watts, which allows it to be vacuumed up to 65 meters from the furthest suction point. On the other hand, it is equipped with unmatched, top quality 3-stage pure-air turbines.

At a glance: The IZZY 400 is the equivalent of the Aqua Matic 400, but it is designed for dry vacuuming. Provided for medium-sized homes and people who appreciate the very solid suction power of the vacuum cleaner.


Additional information

  • Central vacuum cleaner ASPILUS IZZY 400 is intended for large homes with max. Area of ​​500 m2.
  • The ASPILUS IZZY 400 central unit uses a 1900W DOMEL by-pass engine with a 3-stage turbine that guarantees the best suction performance of 614 Air Watt to provide the power vacuum when vacuuming.
  • It has overload protection in the form of a fuse on the unit housing.
  • Unique filtration system: cyclone + polyester filter with washable nanoparticle, ensures long vacuum cleaner operation.
  • Manufactured in the EU - Portugal by ASPILUSA.
  • Connection: to the right or left suction line and the right air discharge.
  • Easy mounting on the wall.
  • Low noise level: silenced engine compartment and high damping silencer available with vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum cleaner housing made of materials with a very high resistance to moisture.
  • Engine ventilation: a design that provides adequate engine cooling to increase engine life.