IZZY 500 Double Cyclonic

product code: I500 Double Cyclonic

Izzy 500 is a unit equiped with absolutely highest quality low-speed Domel 7,5" engine with two-step high suction power turbine. Unit is designed for dry work.

  • surfaces250 - 1200 m2
  • power1 800 W
  • warranty7 years
IZZY 500 Double Cyclonic #1

Technical parameters

  • Engine type
    tangential By-Pass
  • Engine brand
  • Power
  • Voltage (V)
  • Turbines
  • Case
    made out of water-resistant materials
  • Noise levels dB
  • Ampers
  • Diameter (cm)
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Container capacity (L)
  • Max length of the system
  • Filtration type
    2x cyclonic, 2x polyester washable filter

Product overview


Looking for a practical device, which is a way to have a trouble-free control of pollution in the tank while maintaining the maximum power, it is worth to put on an innovative solution in the form of vacuum cleaner IZZY DOUBLE CYCLON.


Simple operation - double benefit


What makes the centrifugal vacuum cleaner comfortable is the ability to place the central unit far away from people's use. In the case of IZZY DOUBLE CYCLON, the noise-producing part can be separated from the supported tank. This provides a compromise between high aesthetics and the ability to continuously control the level of contamination of the vacuum cleaner.


Double cyclone - user comfort


It's all thanks to the innovative solution of collecting pollutants in a separate tank and equipping the unit with the latest generation engine. The DOUBLE CYCLON range is suitable for small areas, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, etc. Rational placement of suction hoses, flexible suction hose and powerful engine ensure the best performance.



The vacuum is equipped with an amazing 2 speed Domel rotary engine with a power of 1800 W and allows to vacuum the installation up to 100 meters and up to the furthest suction point. Overload protection in the form of a fuse on the unit housing.


Thanks to the use of a slow-rotating turbine, the IZZY 500 vacuum cleaner is ideal for homes where there is a lot of dust and dust, or in homes where cleaning is required, as well as in places such as:

  • hotels,
  • pensions,
  • before school,
  • office buildings, etc.