Central vacuum - basic information
20 June 2016

Central vacuum - basic information

Central vacuum - basic information

Unlike traditional units, central vacuums have pipe system that connect the central unit with suction inlets. Reach of the pipeline depends on inlet count and hose length. Obviously in case of bigger spaces it's more efficient to use longer hose, and with more rooms it's better to mount more inlets.

Whole point of central vacuums boils down to limiting neccessary actions during cleaning. Instead carrying the unit from room to room, all it takes is connecting hose to an inlet, that can be mounted at various places and heights in your building. Dirt is automatically directed to central unit's container, that is usually mounted in the basement or boiler room.


Why it's worth investing in central vacuum?

  • Central vacuuming prevents dust hovering in the air. Providing clean air is very important, especially if you have kids, or there's an allergy sufferer in the room.
  • Vacuum functionalities are dependent on your personal needs - inlet amount, hose length, maintenance-free option.
  • No need to carry heavy unit, it helps to keep your spine healthy - excellent solution for people with spine problems and limited body functionalities.
  • Our system can be used in small, as well as in big, complex buildings.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Anti-static pipeline properties prevent any soiling.



Our central vacuums are equiped in highest quality filtration systems, safety fuse, thermal safety systems and cooling system. That's why they efficiently take care of dirt while remaining completely environment-friendly.

Our innovative solutions gains ever growing crowd of potential customers. Ease of use during house duties is what gets their attention. Keeping pace with modern times, we don't have to tire ourselves and risk injuries. Modern devices do most of the work instead of us, and will even empty themselves.






All the best, Ecomax.pl