AQUA MATIC - simple way to cleanness
14 August 2016

AQUA MATIC - simple way to cleanness

Aspilusa vacuums feature diverse functionalities, depending on users needs. Aqua Matic series surprises with it's innovativeness and ease of use. What sets apart wet&dry vacuums from traditional ones, and what makes them worthwhile? 

Comfort of use

 Aspilusa Aqua Matic vacuums are equiped with high-tech dirt draining system. The vacuums is connected to the sewers, and thanks to that it empties itself after container gets full, without action required from the user.
Water dirt separation system allows you to never have to open the container, which saves your time and relieves you from unpleasant duties. Water vacuum doesn't need as often maintenance of the filter system as standard systems. 

To connect the vacuum, all you need is standard elements: hydraulic point of water intake, sewer drain point, electrical socket and place for dispensing used up air. It also means that you can install Aspilusa vacuums in any building, without need for dismantling previously existing systems.

Ease of servicing

 Our experts will help you strategically approach the installation process - we advise against installment of large amount of vacuum inlets in a random manner. Vacuum hose is sufficiently long and flexible to allow cleaning even the most problematic spaces, which helps to improve daily cleaning in any home.


Power of the engine

Aspilusa central vacuums deal with dirt lighting fast. All thanks to advanced technology engines.

Thanks to application of water separation we can guarantee lack of any power decrease during all unit working time. Using traditional filer systems in a form of filter or bag, which, as time passes, loose pressure and therefore diminish comfort of use.


Solution for people with allergies

Modern, practical and maintenance-free unit, minimizes contact with irritating dirt. Thanks to Aqua Matic, cleaning won't be associated with a sad duty anymore, but will become sheer pleasure.

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