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EcoMax - little bit about us

Knowledge. What sets us apart is an expert, international level of knowledge, that we gladly share with our clients. We always direct customer in a way that the chosen product will be the best choice for their needs, paying less attention to our profit margins. We take full responsibility for all our products, because we believe that our clients' good opinions about us are our biggest capital.


We operate in an international environment, event though we distribute products mainly in Poland. We're sourcing our products from all over the world (mainly EU and USA), but most important units from our offer are 100% made in EU, based on EU made parts. For example: Aspilusa vacuums company is an old portugal firm based on traditional values: quality, trust and care for the client. All their vacuums are tested first in their headquarters in Paio Pires, and second time - by EcoMax - in Poland.

We've built our extensive international experience by trading with many world-class brands, but we keep only the top ones in our offer (Aspilusa, Coregravel etc.). We gladly share our experience with our friendly companies, coming from various places from all over the world, including Poland. We approach business humanely, without bureaucracy - we believe that all can benefit from ever increasing professionalism of our industry.


In central vacuum systems segment we are a general importer of Aspilusa from Portugal - a global central vacuums and vacuuming accessories producer. They pioneered maintenance-free, cyclonic, and no-filter models, which all are of highest quality in the world. We also cooperate with vacuum importers such as Vacuflo and GV.


Finally: we're honest. Just like that. We strive to make our offer precisely calculated for best value for your money. We value durability of our products, as wel as our relationships' with clients. That's why we don't focus on the cheapest solutions to offer them with the highest markup. We strive to deliver really valuable solutions, that will serve our clients for years. 




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Working together with us, or by making a purchase from EcoMax, you can be sure of:

  • -Full offer of high quality products, coming from the top manufacturers in the industry
  • -Expert technical help
  • -Fast delivery - with professional installation
  • -EcoMax's expertise in intallment of intelligent vacuuming systems Hide-a-Hose
  • -professional warranty and post-warranty service 



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Feel welcome to see our full offer and to contact us - we gladly answer all questions regarding EcoMax's offer


Certainity of Aspilusa brand

Produced near the city of Seixal in Portugal, Aspilusa central vacuums are the pride of it's founders - two brothers, Manuel and Carlos Meliço. The production line inside their manufacturing plant includes the newest, modern machines, devices and moulding machines. The plant itself works almost without interruptions and at it's full production power.

Each central vacuum produced is made of parts that come only from renowned manufacturers, like Domel Slovenia - producer of the best available industrial engines in EU, or german Wurth, manufacturing various components. We can assure you that we do not build products out of cheap components, and all of our parts come from Europe. We also keep strict supply policy, so we can fulfill your orders as fast as possible.

Hard work ouf our qualified and experienced team of experts made it possible that all our components and parts create complete working units that achieve the best results. Our employees expertise allow Aspilusa to guarantee you comprehensive help with single units, as well as whole systems.


Made in Portugal

Our first priority is innovation of our products and customer satisfaction. During 14 years of activity, Aspilusa gained trust of more than 200.000 customers looking for great cleaning and surface care products. Among them are real estate investors, which ofter choose our central vacuum systems, but also professional assembly worker, and end-customers.

Aspilusa also connected with partnership network spanning all of Portugal. One of our strategic goals for upcoming years is signing partnerships in other countries. So far we have representatives in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium and even in Brazil, Angola, USA and Canada.

Currently we offer 13 models of central vacuums. Aspilusa vacuums mean technology, that constantly evolved during last 12 years. We hire a team of experts from many disciplines, starting from pre-manufacturing, through production line and sales, and ending on post-sale services.


Innovation in cleaning

Central vacuum system designed by us is a very practical tool, finding itself useful in every home. Central vacuum is an ideal alternative for uncomfortable, traditional units, that need to be carried and plugged in, in every room you take it to. It's hose is suprisingly lightweight, and thanks to that you can walk with it to any part of your house. Additionally, suction unit is installed in utility rooms, which ensures sufficient suction power both vertically and horizotally, without taking any living space.

We especially emphasize quality of all elements of the system, because we want it to simple to use and fully functional for the end user. Besides that, we also evaluate each system and plan it ahead, so we can utilize it's full potential.

Each house or apartment is different, and that's why Aspilusa does whatever it takes to perfectly fit the mechanism into the building, and to suit needs of the customer. Pipes are layed under the plaster through all floors. Additionally in every part of the building we mount an inlet that allows connecting the hose into the system.


Central Vacuuming

It's the end of carrying heavy, cumbersome devices. Thanks to Aspilusa central vacuum systems, cleaning even the smallest, hard to reach, places takes half the time! Laying the pipes inside walls, and utilizing our inlets in strategic points of the building makes our systems not only efficient, but they also don't ruin design of the place.

To start cleaning, all you have to do is to connect to the inlet one of Aspilusa kits. Mechanism, designed by us, is an easy and cheap to maintain solution. Additionally all its elements are covered by warranty. Send us inquiry about our offer, and we will gladly advise you how you can make your home duties simpler. Since the heart of the system is seated in a remote part of the house, it's practically noiseless.


Quiet, Pracitcal and Efficient

Our central vacuum system is the best alternative to traditional solutions, bringing along many benefits. Aspilusa mechanism is already being used in many living areas, where cleaning is now a very quick, pleasant and even fun experience.