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What technologies are employed in central vacuum cleaners?

Aspilusa products are a perfect combination of performance, reliability and design. On our offer you can find reliable central vacuum cleaners that correspond to the standards of the 21st century ‑ they are convenient and easy to use and at the same time perfectly complement modern interior designs.

Advanced technology, wide functionality and reliability of our devices make them suitable for all places ‑ houses and apartments, offices, as well as hotels or swimming pools.

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water central vacuum cleaner

Aqua Matic maintenance‑free models have been created for our most demanding customers. The central vacuum cleaner  is connected to the sewage system and the tank is emptied automatically when it’s full. These products are extremely convenient as they don't require any user action. Thanks to the water dirt separator you won't need to empty the vacuum cleaner tank and can even totally forget about it.

Water central vacuum cleaners are characterized by high suction power which ensures that the dirt tank is always clean and empty. The suction power doesn’t decrease, it stays on the same level even after a few years from the purchase. Moreover, you don’t need to spend time cleaning or replacing the filter as in other traditional solutions. Compact size of the device makes it easy to find appropriate storage places. Robust, durable, and most importantly, reliable equipment will easily take care of order in frequently used rooms. It’s worth noting that water central vacuum cleaners don’t require such regular maintenance of the filtration system as other solutions that don’t discharge dirt to the sewer. To connect this vacuum cleaner, you need only standard elements like a water intake point, sewage discharge point, the electrical socket and the place designated for the exhaust air outlet. Water vacuum cleaners are the most suitable solution for allergy sufferers.

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V‑MAX is an advanced series of central vacuum cleaners with the most efficient filtration system. The fully cyclonic technology doesn’t require using traditional filters which guarantees even greater benefits and conveniences:

  • full power of the suction motor turbine
  • significantly higher efficiency (by about 70%), with lower power consumption
  • doesn't require cleaning or exchanging the filter (fully filterless system)

The Aspilusa V‑MAX central unit also includes motor power control and a package to protect electronic components against unwanted breakdowns.

The principle of the fully cyclonic system operation: the dusty air flows into the central unit and starts to swirl steadily. As a result of the centrifugal force, the dirt is precipitated and falls to the bottom of the tank due to gravity. The clean air is discharged to the outside of the unit.

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fully cyclonic vacuum cleaner




water vacuum cleaner

Quality cyclonic central vacuum cleaners  are designed especially for modern houses and apartments. These products will also work perfectly in all companies, corporations and conference rooms. Carefully selected components are characterized by incredible durability and reliability. This series of central vacuum cleaners  enjoys great popularity thanks to their high performance, reliable quality and excellent suction parameters that make Aspilusa IZZY devices one of a kind.

The combination of modern technological solutions with wide functionality translates not only into the quality of cleaning, but also durability of the device. The implementation of appropriate security systems means that the central vacuum cleaner can be used even with increased intensity. Accessible installation and extremely low noise level increase the comfort of the device. It’s worth noting that products on our offer are characterized by the maximum ease of keeping the filter clean and some of them can also be safely used by allergy sufferers (filters + bag options).

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Aqua Matic ‑ a simple recipe for a clean house

Comfort of use

Aspilusa central vacuum cleaners from the Aqua Matic series are equipped with a modern system of removing dirt. The vacuum cleaner is connected to a sewer, so when the tank is full, it’s emptied automatically, without any interference.

Thanks to the water dirt separator, users practically don’t have to open the vacuum cleaner tank at all which allows them to save time and get rid of unpleasant chores. Water vacuum cleaners don’t require such frequent maintenance of the filtration system as traditional devices.

To connect this central vacuum cleaner, you need only standard elements like a water intake point, sewage discharge point, the electrical socket and the place designated for the exhaust air outlet. Consequently, Aspilusa central vacuum cleaners can be installed in any building without the need to demount existing installations.

Ease of use

Our specialists will help you to take a strategic approach to the installation ‑ we don't recommend mounting randomly too many suction sockets. The vacuum cleaner hose is long and flexible enough to easily vacuum the most problematic areas. This makes daily cleaning activities more efficient and pleasant.

The motor power

Thanks to the high‑tech motors, Aspilusa central vacuum cleaners can easily and immediately deal with any kind of dirt.  

The water dirt separator and fully cyclonic system we can guarantee that the power of the device won’t decrease even after a few years from the purchase. The use of traditional solutions and filtration systems (bags or filters) leads to the decrease of vacuum pressure over time and has an impact on the comfort of use.

Relief for allergy sufferers

A modern, virtually maintenance‑free device, minimizes contact with irritating dust. The V MAX and Aqua Matic vacuum cleaners ensure that cleaning is no longer associated with an unpleasant duty but instead becomes a pure pleasure.


The most important features and functionalities of our central vacuum cleaners:

Top quality filtration systems

  • Reliable, innovative fully cyclonic system,
  • Special polyester filter with a teflon layer,
  • Self‑cleaning properties of teflon prevent the growth of bacteria in the material,
  • Fully cyclonic, maintenance‑free water filtration system of the AQUA MATIC series.


motorOur central vacuum cleaners are equipped with most efficient, robust two or three stage Domel motors that come with independent aluminium windmill commutator coolers in a protective casing. Due to its power, the motor (entirely steel) is screwed to the floor in the designated room.

Thermal protection

Powerful thermal fuse enables switching the unit on only after the thermal circuit breaker cools down sufficiently.


The device is well sealed and secured, additional ventilation holes are inserted on its back.

    Central vacuum cleaners are also highly resistant to humidity.
    They can hang outside the building up to the temperature of ‑5 degrees Celsius.


    The central vacuuming system is a very useful tool that facilitates cleaning activities in every home and workplace. With its use, you can resign from inconvenient traditional solutions characterized by low mobility. You won’t need to tediously carry the device around you from room to room anymore.

    Special hoses applied in these devices are light and handy, you can easily move with them around the room and reach any place you wish. The upgraded version guarantees even greater convenience as it doesn’t require carrying the hose! The unit is installed in a remote part of the house, so that it isn't particularly visible but at the same time provides adequate suction power.

    Aspilusa is known for meticulous finish, every detail is important and crucial for the proper functioning of the entire central vacuum cleaning system. Each installation is carefully assessed and planned in advance to ensure that you can take the full advantage of the possibilities offered by the device. Every order requires a different approach, therefore, Aspilusa tailors the system to the expectations of customers and to the layout of rooms in their houses. Pipes are led inside the walls and under the floor, from the garage to the attic. Sockets that enable connecting the hose to the system are mounted in every part of the building.

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