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EcoMax ‑ a few words about us

What makes us stand out from other central vacuum cleaner providers? Knowledge ‑ professional, international expertise that we gladly share with our customers. We always do our best to recommend products that will meet a given recipient’s expectations, the margins are not the most important point of our business strategy. We take full responsibility for our product range as we believe that positive brand recognition and reviews are our greatest assets.



We work in an international environment although we distribute products available in our store mainly in Poland. Our product range is imported mostly from the EU and the USA but the most important items are manufactured in Europe from components that are also made in Europe. For example: the Aspilusa vacuum cleaner factory is an old Portuguese company with conservative principles: quality, trust and care for customer satisfaction. All their vacuum cleaners are checked on the spot ‑ in Paio Pires, and then tested additionally by EcoMax in Poland. 

We have gained our international experience by cooperating with numerous global brands, however, now on our offer you can find only the finest products from manufacturers like Aspilusa, Coregravel, Inovgreen and many more. We are happy to share our experience with befriended Polish and international companies as we simply and truly believe that all of us can benefit from the increasing awareness and professionalism in the industry.


Collaboration with EcoMax and purchasing our products equals:


  1. A full, quality offer comprising products from renowned manufacturers.
  2. Professional technical advice.
  3. Efficient order processing and professional installation.
  4. Our expertise in the installation of the Hide‑A‑Hose intelligent vacuum cleaning system.
  5. Professional warranty and post‑warranty service on site ‑ at the company headquarters.


We are proud to say that we are a general distributor of Aspilusa central vacuum cleaners, a global Portuguese manufacturer. This company can boast introducing first maintenance‑free, cyclonic and completely filterless models on the market. We also cooperate with Vacuflo and Globovac.


And last but not least: we are simply honest. We do our best to ensure that the quality/price ratio of our product range remains well‑calculated and user‑friendly. We value durability of our products and relationships with customers. 


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That’s why we don’t offer the cheapest solutions at horrendous prices, just to earn on the margins. We provide reliable solutions that serve our customers for years.


trustworthy company



We cordially invite you to check out our product range. If you should have any questions concerning the EcoMax offer, don’t hesitate to contact us ‑ we will be happy to help you.

Aspilusa brand recognition

Central vacuum cleaners produced near Portuguese Seixal are the pride of Manuel and Carlos Meliço, the founders of the Aspilusa brand. The production line, located in the production plant, includes the most modern machines, equipment and injection molding machines. The plant operates almost intermittently, at full production capacity.

Each  central vacuum cleaner produced by the company comprises components from renowned manufacturers such as Domel Slovenia, the manufacturer of industrial engines available on the European market, or Würth, the German manufacturer of components. We can also guarantee that we don’t use cheap components to assemble our products and all the applied parts are produced in Europe. We also apply a strict procurement policy to be able to process your orders in the shortest possible time.

The efforts of our qualified and experienced team of specialists allowed us to make sure that the components of our central vacuum cleaners form a coherent whole, so that the devices achieve the most optimal efficiency. The expertise of Aspilusa employees guarantees that we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive assistance and help with the equipment.

Made in Portugal

We care primarily about innovation and customer satisfaction. During 14 years of operation, Aspilusa has earned trust of more than 200,000 customers who invested in our cleaning solutions. The list includes both building owners who choose our central vacuuming system, professional fitters and end users.

Aspilusa has also started cooperation with a network of partners all over Portugal. One of our strategic objectives for the upcoming years is to conclude agreements with various partners across the world. For the time being, we are proud to announce that we have representatives in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Brazil, Angola, USA and Canada.

Our offer comprises 13 different models of central vacuum cleaners. Aspilusa devices are technologies that have developed over the last 12 years. We cooperate with professionals from various fields ‑ the pre‑production stage, production line and sales, after‑sales services.

Innovative cleaning

The central vacuum cleaner system that we have designed is a useful solution that will work well in every household. Central vacuum cleaners are a perfect alternative for all traditional, uncomfortable devices that have to be carried from room to room and reconnected each time. The hose is extremely light so you can effortlessly go with it to any place in the house. Moreover, the suction unit is installed in utility rooms, so it provides adequate power and suction both vertically and horizontally without taking up living space.

We place particular emphasis on the quality of all the installation components as we want to make sure it's user‑friendly and functional. It’s also worth mentioning that we assess and plan each installation in advance to fully benefit from its potential.

Each house and apartment is different, therefore Aspilusa makes every effort to ensure that the system is perfectly suited to both the design of the rooms and the customer's needs. Pipes are led under parget throughout all storeys of the building. Moreover, a socket is installed in each part of the building, thanks to which the hose can be easily connected to the in‑wall installation.

Central vacuum cleaning

You don’t have to carry heavy and unwieldy devices around you anymore. Aspilusa’s central vacuum cleaning system makes it possible to clean even the smallest nooks and crannies in a shorter time! Running the pipes inside the walls and using sockets located only in strategic points makes our installations not only efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing.

To start cleaning, just plug in one of Aspilusa's sets into the socket. The system designed by our company is an easy and affordable solution. The motor is installed in the remote parts of the house, therefore, you will be able to barely hear sounds of its work.
All the installation elements are covered by the warranty.

Please write to us via the contact form and we will be happy to provide you with an offer showing how to easily simplify your house chores. 

Quiet, useful and effective

Our central vacuuming system has numerous advantages and is the finest alternative to traditional cleaning devices. Aspilusa’s products are already applied in many residential buildings, where cleaning is now an enjoyable and extremely fast activity, not a tedious chore.